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Isabgol has been used as a laxative for centuries, especially in India to treat constipation. Isabgol is a natural vegetable product that contains the husk of seeds of the plantago ovata, popularly known as isabgol. Sat Isabgol is the perfect natural laxative and has been used for constipation treatments successfully.

Isabgol is a bulk laxative which means that isabgol forms bulk on swelling. Isabgol contains large quantities of a gelatinous substance, which absorbs water and due to its enhanced swelling properties, forms an emollient gel that facilitates the passage of intestinal contents and stimulates bowel movement. Isabgol does not affect the absorption of other nutrients. It is not absorbed by the digestive system and passes unchanged through the intestines. Therefore the action of isabgol is purely mechanical, as it relieves constipation by mechanically stimulating bowel movement. In addition,Isabgol absorbs bacterial and other toxins in the intestines. In short, Sat Isabgol works partly by lubrication and partly by increasing the bulk of the intestinal contents, which stimulates bowel movement.


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